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“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”- Bill Gates -

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requ.jp | Japanese Washi Studio

Whether you are selling, informing or building loyalty, no matter what project you launch, having a clear and functional website, nowadays is a huge guarantee of success !

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Well, it depends of the type of website. It could be a simple landing page or portfolio to introduce yourself or your product. The price would rise if you plan to sell something… In that case, setting up an e-commerce website is a bit more pricy. Also, the price would change depending on the number of pages, if it’s a multilingue website etc…
Gathering the contents of your futur website such as texts, images, photos, logos etc… You may have no clue about what you want for the design (and I’m here to help you of course) but I recommend you to choose at least 2 colors that would represent your business. Gathering all the contents is usually the longest part of the process in website creation.

The domain name and the server fee are the 2 main fees you would annually pay. 

The answer is YES! I usually set up your website as simple as possible for you to make sure you could update its contents by yourself. I you can create a post on the SNS, then no problems for you with your own home page.
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Let’s make your business identity great again !

Having a clear and neat image of your business is essential! This is the first contact between you and your client, it allows you to stand out from the competition and to express as faithfully as possible the essence of your project!

I design your flyers !

Whether tangible or online, promote your project with an eye catching advertising and creative way ! Target your audience with low budget but BIG result !

Does your business cards have impact ?

As first contact in a possible working relationship, having cards that reflect your image is key ! Although it provides the essential information of your company, it also offers the possibility to show how different you are and strengthen your credibility.

Stick it everywhere !

Stickers are just another cool way to brand yourself and fits pretty much everywhere ! Also a great cost effective tool, it sticks life time for certain type of materials, it can make long life relationship with existing customers.

More than strengthening the identity and credibility of your business, having some solid communication tools with effective graphic design, will improve your attractiveness, generate more traffic and increase your chances of making a name, that your future partners will not forget.



business cards


and more designed with ♥︎


No matter the project, I will be happy to bring my expertise and make it happen !

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